Pre & Post Natal


We get how demanding motherhood can be, physically, mentally & emotionally.

That’s why we offer pregnant women & new mums an holistic approach to rebuilding their strength, pelvic floor & wellbeing in a way that encompasses body, mind & emotions.

Classes are led by compassionate & qualified pre & post-natal trainers who understand the highs & lows of motherhood.

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Group Fitness for Mums
Group Fitness for Mums

Pre & Post Natal fitness in manly

Classes are currently booked out. Register interest below for our January intake!

Our strength, fitness & Pilates classes are the best way to start your journey back to fitness after having a baby (or while preparing to have one!) 

We prioritise pelvic floor & core, along exercises to rebuild your strength & energy levels (Sally is a mum of two under two & knows exactly how exhausted you feel!)

We address the specific needs of postpartum women and offer a balance between gentle & challenging exercises. We cater to pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, diastis recti (tummy separation) and other birth injuries.

These classes are ideal for pregnant women or women who have had a baby within the last  12 months.

All classes are child friendly, with a relaxed approach – we know your babe might cry & fuss and need to feed and we offer no judgement, only support.

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