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Sally McWilliam

Accredited Exercise Professional, Pre & Post Natal Qualified

Hello lovely human!

I’m so glad you’re here.

You might be surprised to learn that even though I’ve been a women’s personal trainer for over a decade, I’ve had my own battles with negative body image and chronic pain.

You are not alone,

I have felt it too!

Being in the industry, I felt enormous pressure to conform to the ‘normal’ fitness and image standards. I hated my body, and went to absurd lengths to ‘fix’ it. It was all too common for me to:

  • Punish myself with a lengthy workout, all because I’d indulged in something yummy;
  • Avoid carbs, wine, cheese, or any other food that brings joy to life;
  • Criticise what I saw in the mirror, in a way that I would never do to a friend!


As a result of a back injury sustained before I left my teens, and some unexpected challenges when we wanted to start our family, I know firsthand what it’s like to:

  • Feel like your body has betrayed you;
  • Be limited by chronic pain;
  • Struggle with depressive episodes.
  • Look in the mirror & disappointed at what you see

Fun Fact!

My love of hiking and the outdoors extends into me also being a Trek Guide and I have completed the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea six times!

Holistic Personal Trainer

After working as a Personal Trainer for 10 years, I began to realise that there was a desperate need for change in my industry.
Stereotyping and stigma meant that far too many women were missing out on the benefits of fitness and movement, and so I began my shift towards a more holistic approach to personal training. This has included:

I’m one of only a handful of Personal Trainers in Australia to have completed the new Ausreps accreditation program with Aus Active. This program raises the standard for professionalism in the industry, and identifies me as a leader in the field. I was also selected as one of Australia’s Top 10 Personal Trainers for 2021, and 2022!

My lived experience as well as my formal qualifications in mental health and body image, mean that I can offer a fitness service that few other Personal Trainers can match.


Fit with sally

Fit With Sally was born from a desire to support women marginalized by traditional fitness marketing, to help them achieve better body image and improved fitness in a safe, inclusive environment.

Fit With Sally is committed to making positive change in the fitness industry by:

  • Advocating for size-inclusive fitness spaces to be more readily available
  • Mentoring young PT’s and teaching them about body image, mental wellbeing and weight stigma
  • Featuring size diverse women on our social media platforms
  • Challenging the current ideal that ‘thin equals healthy’
  • Speaking up against #fitspo
  • Promoting inclusive language in fitness spaces

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