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I’m currently on a family holiday in Europe (no I’m not worrying about carbs, yes I’m eating all the cheese.) You can reach out below, but please note I value my family time and as such may not reply for a few weeks. I’d love you to connect with me on Instagram!


To email Sally directly for any bookings or enquiries contact sally@fitwithsally.com


Get in touch with Sally by phone on:
0466 816 864


Manly West, Brisbane

Personal Training

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I’m a personal trainer based in Manly West, Brisbane, working primarily with women to help them improve their fitness, mental health and body image. 

If you are intimidated by the thought of setting foot in a gym, or have had a bad experience in the past, know that I’m not like other trainers. I’ll guide you to improve your wellbeing and enhance your quality of life – without judgement or talk of diets & strict workouts.

Women’s personal trainer, fitness professional for women, personal training Brisbane, virtual personal training

Women's Personal Training


With a special interest in women’s health and fitness, Sally is a registered body positive fitness coach and aims to help her personal training clients improve their mental AND physical wellbeing.

Sally believes that an important part of her role is to help you find exercise that you will actually enjoy, as well as how to incorporate more movement and self-care into your day to day life.

Sally is a leader in the fitness industry and has been nominated several times for awards. ​Due to her 15 years experience, her numerous success stories and her kind and positive nature, Sally is an in demand Fitness Professional providing personal training for women and mums group fitness sessions in Manly West.

And if you live further afield but like Sally’s inclusive, non-judgemental approach, and wish you could work with her? Good news – you can even work with her online!

PS. Burpees suck!

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I share body positive fitness tips, mental health, mum stuff, business stuff and the random funny moments of life that pop into my brain.