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If you want to keep your independence, minimise risk of falls and injury and prioritise your health and wellbeing into your later years, investing in a good Personal Trainer can pay back in dividends. How? Read on …

​More than half of my clients are nearing or just over 60. They come to see me for different reasons, but here’s a few of the main ones:

  • Management of chronic pain (like arthritis or back pain);
  • Get up and down from the floor with more ease;
  • Improve balance;
  • Increase energy for time with the grandkids;
  • Improve their ability for common physical activities like taking the stairs / lifting groceries / opening tight jars;
  • Improve confidence to live independently.


These are the positive life changing results that happen when the right exercise plan is matched with a caring fitness professional who understands the specific needs of people heading into their senior years.


Results from Personal Training for Seniors

​Here’s a few significant results from current clients of mine who fit in the ‘over 50’s’ category.

  • Karen – Has stopped relying heavily on pain killers for her neck and back. Instead of using pain relieving creams daily, she now only needs them sparingly.
  • Sue – With chronic back and neck pain, she now knows how to exercise safely and feels more confident using equipment at the gym.
  • Viv – Spends more time enjoying gardening due to less arthritis pain.


Working with an experienced Personal Trainer who can skillfully cater to the needs of seniors can be a life-changing investment.

I recommend choosing a professional who has at least five years industry experience. It’s crucial to find a Personal Trainer with enough industry know-how to both minimize the risk of injury while enhancing their client’s quality of life no matter what your age, but even more so when it comes to personal training for seniors.

If you or someone you know wants to retain their independence and remain physically fit and strong into their mature years, reach out to me today. It doesn’t matter where you live as I can provide personal training for seniors both face to face and online!


Sally McWilliam

Body Positive Fitness Professional and Self-Care coach!
​Your local Personal Trainer if you live in Brisbane bayside or Redlands; online personal training available if you live elsewhere in Australia.

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