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After nearly a year off from lifting weights (due to a herniated disc), I recently started again – and it wasn’t as easy as I remembered!

It took a while, but I got my abilities and my confidence back.

However it just goes to show that “if you don’t use it, you lose it” (although I did have medical reasons!).

What have you lost along the way?! 

This is a story that I hear time and again from my clients. For example:

  • “I went skating with the kids on the school holidays, and thought I’d show them how it’s done – I used to skate a lot! Instead, I was clinging to the rails. I’d completely lost my sense of balance and could only dream of the way I used to race around the rink.” If you don’t use it you lose it!
  • “I used to sing soprano in a choir; now I hardly even sing in the shower, and my voice just isn’t the same anymore.” If you don’t use it you lose it!
  • “My parents came from another country so I grew up speaking their native language as well as English. Since they’ve passed, I struggle to put a sentence together though I can usually still understand it.” If you don’t use it you lose it! 

I’m sure with time and practice all of these women could regain their lost skills, as well as their confidence in their abilities.

But what particularly concerns me is that physical activity is usually the first thing we let slide in our busy lives, with 60% of Australian women aged 18+ not meeting the physical activity guidelines.

Somewhere along the way, women seem to lose the joy of movement and stop participating in physical activity – and then wonder why it’s so hard to get down on the floor to play with the kids or grandkids!

The Benefits of Keeping Active

By keeping your body active, you:

  • keep it flexible;
  • strengthen muscles;
  • keep your sense of balance;
  • feel more confident; and
  • can enjoy life more!

Just because you haven’t done something in what seems like forever, doesn’t necessarily mean that ability is gone for good. As a personal trainer, I love helping women to rediscover the activities they used to love – and find some new ones to enjoy as well. You don’t even have to live in the Brisbane bayside area to work with me, as I now offer online personal training!


Sally McWilliam

Body Positive Fitness Professional and Self-Care coach!
​Your local Personal Trainer if you live in Brisbane bayside or Redlands

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