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You know when you go to Coles to buy milk and there’s 27 different types starting back at you and you don’t know which one to pick so you just go with whatever’s closest? That’s exactly how I feel it might be when you’re trying to find the right Personal Trainer. With literally thousands across Brisbane to choose from, how do you know who will be the best one for you?  


  • Is it the one with 400k Instagram followers?
  • The one who effortlessly juggles three kids, a FIFO husband and has ‘the perfect body?’
  • Is it the one with a PhD in Exercise Science?
  • Or the one with the most fitness and body building awards?


In truth, all of these Personal Trainers might be the one for you. Or, none of them.




Not every PT is suited to every client …

Am I the Best Personal Trainer for You?!

Many Personal Trainers specialise in one particular area.

For example, I specifically work with women to improve their fitness and back health, body image and mental wellbeing; a holistic personal trainer, if you will.

Women who work with me typically feel a bit nervous about exercising – especially in a gym. They might be struggling with the changed appearance of their post-baby body; or as a senior, they might be feeling ‘too old’. They may have had poor experiences with fitness-related activities in the past.

hey want a trained professional with a compassionate, non-judgemental approach. Someone who genuinely cares about them, and understands that life is about more than workouts and meal plans.

Most women who come to me have tried other fitness programs or Personal Trainers that haven’t given them what they really need. I offer my clients a unique approach, one that places equal importance on improving mental wellbeing, emotional health and physical fitness.



Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

So, how do you find the right Personal Trainer?

Here’s a few questions to help you in your search.

1. Have you helped other women like me?

It’s all well and good for ‘Suzie SixPackFitness’ to be able to ‘whip you into shape.’

But has she helped other women with your specific concerns? If for example, you struggle with anxiety, working with a Personal Trainer who has a basic understanding of mental health will serve you far better than someone who simply promises to ‘get your butt round like a peach.’

If you have back pain, you need a Personal Trainer with extra care and personalised attention. Your needs will be different to those without back concerns. Be straightforward and ask if they’ve helped others like you.

Mental health and back pain are just two examples of complex issues that require years of experience and higher education, in order for a PT to be able to help you safely and effectively.

2. Are you qualified? 

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential Personal Trainer about their qualifications. In Australia, Personal Trainers have a legal requirement to have a Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

I strongly suggest against hiring an unqualified Personal Trainer. Would you trust an unqualified mechanic to fix your car? Would you let an unqualified dentist poke around inside your mouth? Probably not!

3. Will we get along?  

This is a question to ask yourself:

  • Can you share a laugh with this person?
  • Do they show genuine interest in your life outside of the gym?
  • Will they listen and prioritize your needs, not auto-pilot jump head first into a workout?

I only work with clients who I personally get along with. I’m not going to gel with every person out there, and that’s OK! I’ll happily suggest another PT, who will be a better match for them.

The best results come when you actually like and genuinely trust your trainer.”

4. Bonus Tip: Invest Well  

If you want a well-qualified Personal Trainer who makes it their career to successfully help others like you, rather than someone who posts a lot of bikini shots on Instagram, they are worth the investment.

I charge more than a lot of other Personal Trainers. Quite simply, because I offer a premium service that few other Personal Trainers can match. And the results I lead my clients to are nothing short of life altering.

Now you have a few thoughts to arm you on your search for the best Personal Trainer.

If you think that I might be the best personal trainer for your needs – regardless of whether you live in Brisbane, or elsewhere in Australia (as I provide online personal training too) – please reach out on sally@fitwithsally.com, I’d love to chat!




Sally McWilliam

Body Positive Fitness Professional and Self-Care coach!

​Your local Personal Trainer if you live in Brisbane bayside or Redlands

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