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Exciting news – BUPA has just become the first health insurance provider in Australia to offer cover for gym memberships, including personal training!

There are stringent controls around how it works, which is just as it should be – your health and wellbeing is too important to mess around with.

And because I am officially registered with Fitness Australia, that means I am automatically a BUPA Recognised Provider – so if you are a BUPA member, then yes, your health insurance may cover your personal training sessions with me!

Are you Eligible?

At the present time, you will only be eligible for health cover if your health care provider (eg GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor) has completed a ‘Health Management Gym’ or ‘PT Medical Form’. on your behalf. This should specifically  state that personal training services would be of benefit for your particular condition – for example, back pain or mental health issues.

I’m really excited that the health community is starting to officially recognise the benefits of physical activity – under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer – for chronic conditions, such as:

  • the relief of pain;
  • improving your range of movement;
  • and supporting your mental health.

Although BUPA is currently the only health insurance provider that offers cover for gym memberships and personal training, hopefully in time other Private Health Funds will also offer this significant incentive.

But why stop there?

Prevention is Better than Cure

I’ll be even more excited when this sort of health insurance cover is provided even if you DON’T have a chronic condition. After all, it’s much better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our health and wellbeing, right?!​


Why Work with Me?

​Wondering if I am the right personal trainer for you (even if you don’t have health cover for personal training)? 

  • I take a holistic approach to personal training where your mental, emotional and physical health are considered equally important.
  • I struggled with body image for many years; today I am Brisbane’s only registered Body Positive Fitness Professional.
  • I love cheese and wine.
  • I think burpees suck!
  • I specialise in personal training for women, and believe that fit women come in all shapes, sizes and ages, from new mums to seniors.
  • After a back injury many years ago, I also known what it’s like to suffer from chronic pain.
  • I undertake ongoing professional development to enable me to provide the highest level of care to my clients. For example, I’ve recently completed training in perinatal and postnatal care (pelvic floor exercises anyone?!)
  • And, we can work together no matter where you are located in Australia as I also provide online personal training.

Whew! That’s quite a list, but if you like what you see – please get in touch.

Sally McWilliam
Body Positive Fitness Professional and Self-Care coach!
​Your local Personal Trainer if you live in Brisbane bayside or Redlands; online personal training available if you live elsewhere in Australia.

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