Hello! I'm currently on mat leave enjoying newborn snuggles. Classes resume mid - late 2023, get on my email list to be the first notified when we start up again!

In addition to one on one personal training, Sally offers group fitness classes geared towards mums that are child friendly, and genuinely enjoyable.

As you would expect from Brisbane’s only body positive fitness professional, Sally’s mums fitness classes are inclusive, welcoming and non-judgemental. You’ll find women of different shapes, sizes and abilities wanting to build their strength, fitness & flexibility. Enjoy the company of other mums without the hassle of trying to find a gym with a creche!

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Group Fitness for Mums
Group Fitness for Mums

mums fitness classes in manly

Offering mums in the Wynnum Manly area a positive, non-judgemental way to re-build your fitness after having a baby (whether your baby is six months or six years!)


– Focus on building your pelvic floor & core strength

– Learn to lift weights safely to improve your strength & fitness

– Short meditations to calm your busy mind

– Beginners warmly welcomed

– Less strenuous than “HIIT/F45” but more challenging than yoga


At our fitness classes you’ll actually enjoy exercise and feel supported by other mums who are on the same rollercoaster of montherhood you are.  Classes are for all women with kids of any age, but especially perfect for mums with little ones (you can bring them along with you!)

With a maximum of 10 per session, these small group fitness classes ensure you receive personal guidance and encouragement from Sally.

Are you ready?

Let's take the next step together.

If you are looking for a personal trainer who makes the effort to understand you – your lifestyle, your challenges, what motivates you (and who won’t tell you to eat kale and do burpees!) – then get in touch with me today!