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Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. We know relying on will power alone rarely works.

Try these 5 motivation hacks instead.


Make it Easy to Reach For

Put healthier food at the front of your fridge. Put nourishing snacks at eye level at the front of your fridge. Humans are lazy, let’s play into that and make the healthier options easier to reach for.


Make it Convenient

The easier something is to do, the more you do it. You watch more Netflix than you probably should because it’s so accessible. You grab a frozen meal because it’s convenient. Let’s apply that mentality to healthy snacking. That might look like:


1. Yoghurt in the work fridge
2. A banana in your handbag
3. Ziplock bag of nuts & seeds at your desk
4. Stock your freezer with frozen veg for an easy weeknight stir fry



Make it Part of your Every Day

Make your goal a (small) part of your every day life. Do you want to walk more often? Put your sneakers in the middle of the living room. Do you need to loosen up tight muscles? Put the foam roller on top of your bed. Want to feel stronger? Write ‘squats’ on the bathroom mirror and do 10 while you’re brushing your teeth.


Find Something you Enjoy

If you enjoy being in the water, find a local pool and try out laps or an aqua aerobics class. If going slow is your style get yourself to a yoga class or check out Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Pick a type of movement you enjoy. We’re often led to believe that there’s one ‘best way’ to workout, but if you don’t like it, you just won’t stick with it. (Then you’ll really start hating exercise and we don’t want that!)


Get help

Struggling on your own? That’s OK! It’s normal to need a little help, especially if this is a new journey for you. Find yourself a fitness professional you really connect with. Engage their help for a few months and learn the tools & techniques to better your entire life. If that person sounds like it might be me, get in touch and we’ll chat.



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Women’s personal training services, body positive fitness professional, group fitness for women, online fitness & wellbeing course
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