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I’m Sally McWilliam, Brisbane’s only registered Body Positive Fitness Professional.

I’m not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, personal trainer.

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Body Positive

Personal Trainer

My superpower is helping women become fitter, healthier, stronger and happier, particularly those:

  • in larger bodies
  • who feel nervous about exercising
  • with mental health concerns
  • who are pre & post-natal


Basically, if you feel like you don’t belong in a gym, this is exactly the place for you.

You might be intimidated by the thought of going to the gym, because you worry that your body doesn’t live up to the ‘ideal’.

Maybe you’ve just had a baby and you’re looking for a safe way to rebuild your strength (and sanity!) with a trainer who understands what it’s like to be a mum.

You might be dealing with back pain or other injuries, or you might be unsure of how to exercise in a way that supports your body’s needs.

You’ve probably realised that restrictive diets and strict workouts just aren’t sustainable (not to mention they’re no fun!)

You’re ready for a positive fitness experience that comfortably fits into your life – without ‘weigh ins,’ measurements or calorie counting. 

Six Month Membership

Our brand new six month membership launches July 1 2024. Join us for a Body Positive approach to your feeling your fittest ever! Click Here to find out more & join our waitlist.

An Holistic

Approach to Personal Training

At Fit With Sally, my goal is to provide an holistic approach to personal training, where your mental, emotional and physical health are considered equally important.

I know what it’s like to struggle with body image and chronic pain (you can read more about my story here). It is this, in conjunction with my qualifications, experience, and ongoing professional development, which allows me to provide personal training for women that is:









Personal Training Services

If you’re looking for fat melting workouts, or how to have your best bikini body … then I’m probably not the female personal trainer for you.

However, if you are nodding your head in agreement as you read about my approach to women’s fitness and are curious to find out more, I’d love to have a chat with you about your health and fitness challenges and goals.

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Feel personally supported & guided toward better fitness practises with compassionate one to one Personal Training. The premium Fit With Sally experience.
Women’s personal training services, body positive fitness professional, group fitness for women, online fitness & wellbeing course

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The MOST fun post natal fitness classes in Brisbane.  Ideal for those who’ve given birth within the last 18 months. With a focus on pelvic floor, core & improving your general strength & fitness, you’ll love these beginner friendly classes!

Fit with Sally

My Mission

While much of the fitness industry focuses only on aesthetic transformation, weight loss and dieting, I’m on a mission to see every woman respected and celebrated no matter her size.

My goal as a female personal trainer is to help you:

  • Become stronger, fitter and healthier in both mind and body;
  • Find physical activity that feels good for you (and that you actually enjoy doing!);
  • Practise and prioritise your own self-care;
  • Improve your body image so you can enjoy life right now (instead of waiting til you’ve lost those last few kilos!).

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Women’s personal training services, body positive fitness professional, group fitness for women, online fitness & wellbeing course
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